Gail  Rebecca Cox Jessee


        The Confederate Cantiñieres Chapter, chartered in 1976, was the first chapter in the Florida Division UDC, and possibly the first in the General Organization, to be 'specifically' organized for professional career women.

     Due to Mrs. Jessee’s foresight in establishing weekend meeting times, professional women are now able to be active chapter members while maintaining their families and careers.

        The chapter is named in honor of the courageous Southern women who ventured forth to served in the Confederate States Army during a time when cultural dictates relegated women to the sphere of domesticity. 

        These women chose to go to war for the South, braving the hardships of military camp life and even facing death on the battlefield --- all for the Love of their Country, Home and Family.

Confederate Cantiñieres Motto

Ever Faithful to our Southern Heritage

Confederate Cantiñieres Colors

Red and White

Confederate Cantiñieres Flowers

Roses and Magnolias

“Bell Brandon”

from Jerry’s CW Music